• Sk khoza new role

    Sk to bagged the new role Sabelo on the etv series "The black door"
  • Honoring the memory of the late Riky Rick

  • Celebrity scoop

    Congratulations to Lady Zamar

    The talented singer and songwriter is launching her own first book. She will be publishing her first book which is for children – it is titled ‘Amara Goes To The Olympics ‘ . She is making big moves , she is not just a incredible singer but also as author of childrens book. Congratulations 👏

  • The life you live vs The life you dreamt of- Varsity Life

    In Today’s world things seems to be falling apart. There are people who have knowledge of life – who knows it’s uphills and downhills. However they choose to share the fantasy, they share share there burden with the little ones. Many first years always have high expectations of life when they receive the admission letter.In this world you need learn that people are very selective of the information they share. They tell you what you want to hear not what is real, matriculants know that the luxury life is not applicable in varsity but rather in your future if you are willing to fight for it.1 It is your responsibility to attend lectures and maintain a sustainable study curve. 2 The freedom is not limited as you’re allowed to make your own rules, be however to warned that what ever you decide is your choose and at the end it has an outcome.3 Social lifestyle – You will meet people of different levels but not all of the Im are meant to be in your circle. Choose your crowd careful. Never ever change yourself wanting to fit in- there are groups for everyone. Boys are cute yes, but they always have a game they play- first year you are their target as they want a sex toy- Be warned . 4 Money – Many young bright lives are being pimped by greedy old men. you don’t wanna be the victim. There

    promise are lies , no one will give you a better life if you don’t work for it.

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